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Solar Power - Cottesloe Tea House

DNX Energy can help. We are a local solar power company based in Nedlands. Specialised in genuine quality solar PV systems, our solutions offer maximum performance and peace of mind for many years to come.

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We offer solar panels made in Germany by SolarWorld, the largest solar panel manufacturer outside of Asia with 40 years of manufacturing experience.



We offer the best and most reliable inverters on the market. We specialise in the following brands: SMA, Bosch, Fronius and ABB.


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    What our clients say

    Our experience we have with DNX Energy has been nothing short of fantastic. The advice, the standard of the equipment, the installation (personel and procedure) and the overall performance of the system has been absolutely first class. In addition, DNX has followed up with service and advice of a very high standard. I would definitely deal with them again and recommend them to anyone who has been thinking about a solar system but hasn’t known who to trust!

      M. Minson, Floreat

    I have just had a 6.5 kW System installed and am very happy with all aspects of project. Having a very Modern House I was concerned that none of external aesthetics of the building would be affected. A lot of adjustments and alterations were required and this was carried out without any fuss. The system is working over and beyond expectation – producing more than anticipated. A good indication of the quality of service is the ‘after service‘ aspect of a job. Here we were followed up and checked up on to make sure we were happy and all was working as it should be. DNX proved very accessible and sincere in there efforts to produce the outcomes promised.   

      G. Domville, Churchlands

    After some months of researching what is available in the PV world, I chose DNX Energy because they supply quality components and have an unhurried and genuine attitude. They installed a 3.5 kW system using German made panels and Inverter. Many thanks for the great PV system; the guys did a fantastic job installing it, and were very friendly and helpful. Thanks to Igor for his patience with my questions and permutations, and for not giving me the “hard sell” at any time. One of the main reasons for going with DNX Energy was the unhurried respectful way they went through the process. DNX Energy is five star company.

      J. Hutchinson, Nollamara

    How much are the STC discounts (rebates) worth in Cottesloe?

    Solar installations in Cottesloe attract financial incentives, a so called STC discount (rebate). Rebates are available for residential and commercial solar panel installations. We handle all paperwork and pass on the rebates directly to our clients for a hassle-free experience. The amount of the rebate depends on the capacity of the system installed. For a large residential system the rebate can be worth around $5,000. Please refer to our financial incentive page for more information.

    Solar energy output in Cottesloe

    Average Daily Production
    1 kW system 2 kW System 3 kW system 4 kW system 5 kW system 6.5 kW system
    4.4 kWh 8.8 kWh 13.2 kWh 17.6 kWh 22.0 kWh 28.6 kWh

    The table shows the average daily energy output of a north-facing solar array with a 30 degree pitch in Cottesloe. Solar panels produce more energy in summer than they do in winter.  Source: Clean Energy Council.

    Average electricity consumption in Cottesloe

    1 person household 2 person household 4 person household 5 person household
    11.2 kWh 14.1 kWh 20 kWh 22.9 kWh

    This table shows the average electricity consumption of different sized households in Cottesloe. For more information please visit Energy Made Easy. Please contact us if you’d like to find out how much you can save on your energy bills with solar.

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      Your Preferred System Size

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      Solar panel installations in and around Cottesloe

      There are many solar power systems installed in Cottesloe. Some of the noteworthy installations include:

      What else is important for solar panel installations in Cottesloe?

      Cottesloe is a coastal suburb. The issue of corrosion and high wind loads need to be addressed in the system design. Our solar panels are certified for salt-mist and our anodized aluminium and stainless steel mounting frame is suitable for the harsh coastal conditions.

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