Bosch Solar Inverters

Beautifully designed solar inverter Bosch BPT-S

Beautifully designed solar inverter Bosch BPT-S

In over 100 years of company history, Bosch made its name as the leading automotive supplier globally. The brand is also known for it’s well designed household appliances and robust power tools.

As expected from a global technology giant, the Bosch solar inverters are using leading-edge technology and have unique technological features.

Bosch’s vision is to supply beautiful products that can communicate with each other and make our daily life easier.

Already today, you can get the full portfolio of the Smart Home Energy Solutions that comprises the solar inverter, heat pump for hot water, battery storage for use of solar power at night, household appliances, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and e-bikes – and all of that is connected and synchronised via the Bosch Energy Management.

Porsche Panamera hybrid with Bosch technology

Porsche Panamera S E-hybrid uses Bosch technology



Bosch batteries and components are used by the best brands around the globe. For example the Porsche Panamera S E-hybrid uses a Bosch e-motor, power electronics and lithium-ion batteries.

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Where are Bosch inverters made?

Currently all Bosch inverters are made in Germany by Bosch Power Tec.

What’s good about Bosch inverters?
  • Award winning inverters (IF design award 2015, reddot product design award),
  • e.User App and e.Web for monitoring the output on your phone or computer,
  • e.Control for monitoring the energy flow and controlling appliances such as the heat pump (hot water).
  • Bosch inverters are commissioned wirelessly via a RFID card, eliminating manual errors and programming your installer details into the unit.
  • Innovative LED display – showing the status of the inverter from far
  • Innovative Gesture Control – no need to press buttons
  • Industry leading safety via integrated service switch
  • Bosch Solar Inverter gesture controlled
  • Bosch Solar Inverter commissioned via RFID card
  • Bosch Solar Inverter convection cooling, no fan
  • Bosch Solar Inverter e.Web online portal
  • Wall mounted Bosch Solar Inverter commissioning
  • Bosch Solar Inverters are multi award winning
The Bosch inverter warranty
  • 5 years standard, can be extended up to 20 years. The warranty includes also labour and shipping costs.
Bosch and DNX Energy

DNX Energy is a Certified Bosch reseller and has been familiar with the Bosch solar product range for many years. 

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Bosch Inverter Presentation on YouTube