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Tesla Powerwall Perth


At DNX Energy we specialise in solar battery storage power solutions for commercial clients and home owners in Perth, Western Australia. We engineer battery storage systems appropriately to your individual needs, using the best quality SMA and Fronius inverters combined with Tesla Powerwall and BYD B-Box Premium lithium iron phosphate batteries.


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    DNX Energy provides safe, efficient battery storage systems to our commercial and residential clients:

    • Tesla Powerwall
      • Industry leading battery with 10 year warranty
      • Maximise self-consumption by storing your solar energy for later use at night
      • Compatible with most solar inverters in the market, including SMA and Fronius
      • Comes with the Tesla smart phone app for maximum control
      • Backup protection, keep the lights, fridges and other essential circuits on when the grid goes down
    DNX Energy is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer


    • Enphase AC Battery
      • AC-connected unit requires no additional inverter
      • Modular design can be installed by any electrician
      • Perfect for storing excess power for use later
      • Suitable for incremental upgrades over time
    Enphase AC Battery Storage


    • Fronius Energy Package
      • Elegant and cost effective system for 3-phase power supply
      • Compatible with the Fronius Solar Battery & LG Chem Resu 10H
      • Suitable for grid connected systems only. Emergency power backup function available (during power outages, requires a relay in your switchboard)
    Fronius Battery Storage


    • SMA Flexible Storage Solution
    • Comprehensive battery system with high surge-capacity
    • Compatible with LG Chem Resu 6.4 li-ion battery and lead-acid batteries
    • Expandable system for up to 10,000Ah of lead-acid batteries
    • Suitable for off-grid systems only
    • Clients can go permanently off-grid at any time
    SMA Battery Storage


    Battery storage systems provide the capability to store electrical energy from solar panels in a chemical form, for use at a later time. The stored energy is used when the sunshine is not available, for example during the evening. Battery storage systems may also be configured to provide backup electricity when the main electricity grid is unavailable. Our battery solutions can be retro fit to most existing solar power systems with the smart AC coupling technology.

    Battery storage systems help make the most of solar:
    Fronius Hybrid Solar for Battery Storage


    Batteries are great for enhancing solar power systems. Instead of selling unused electricity to the grid for a fraction of the retail cost of power, you can store this energy on your property for later use.

    The stored energy is used when the sunshine is not available, for example during the evening.

    Reduce your net costs by directly offsetting evening electricity use, instead of just subsidising part of the cost through grid feed-in tariffs.

    Batteries can be installed at the same time as a solar power system, or retro fitted to existing systems.

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      Take your property off-grid with a battery storage system:
      SMA Sunny Island for Off-Grid Battery Storage


      An off-grid solar system, also referred to as Remote Area Power System (RAPS) or stand-alone power system (SPS) is a great way to power your property where electricity is not available, unreliable or expensive to get. Also in Perth metro areas, many clients wish to be independent from the grid and install off-grid system. Solar panels produce electricity during the daytime, and charge the batteries. At night, the power is supplied from the batteries. An optional diesel or petrol generator can help to keep the battery size smaller. A solar battery system can also provide reliable power during bush fire emergency situations where properties are disconnected from the grid.

      The addition of the right battery component to any off-grid system solves these problems by storing energy for later use. For instance:

      • A battery allows for the electricity produced by solar panels to be used in the evening or when clouds move across your property.
      • An optional diesel or petrol generator can supply backup power if needed. The SMA Sunny Island system can automatically start and stop the generator should it be required.
      • A battery assists you to start demanding appliances, such as pumps and vacuums, that would normally exceed the electrical rating of your generator.
      • For grid connected customers, a battery system can provide power even if the grid goes down.

      SMA Single-Phase Off-grid System Diagram

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        Battery storage systems for peak-load shifting:
        Battery Peak Shaving


        Load shifting is exactly what is sounds like: shifting your electrical load (the electricity you draw from the grid) to a different time of day. Many buildings, such as offices or shops, are only operated for part of the day and use most of their electricity during this peak time.
        With a battery storage system you could draw electricity from the grid at off-peak times, such as the evening, for use during the peak operating hours. Synergy and other electricity retailers reward this behaviour by selling electricity at a cheaper rate during off-peak times of the day.
        A battery storage system allows you to buy electricity when it is cheap and store it for use during peak times, when the cost of electricity is much higher. From Synergy’s perspective, your property has shifted from a peak load to an off-peak load. This is because you are drawing power from the grid at an off-peak time of the day. Using a battery storage system in to avoid peak charges lets you save money on your power bill — without needing to change the actual time of day your office, shop, or home appliances run. This arrangement is perfect for buildings with set opening hours that cannot be easily modified.

        LG Chem RESU Solar Batteries

        Li-ion battery for solar power systems in Perth:

        • Residential Energy Storage Units (RESU) bring energy storage to Australia at a top class quality and an affordable price
        • With a high power density of 144Wh/L, the LG battery is ultra-compact
        • The LG RESU system allows for expansion with up two additional 3.2 kWh units, giving Perth households up to 12.8 kWh of battery storage
        • With an attractive casing the LG RESU can be installed indoors and easily mounted on sturdy walls
        • New LG Chem RESU 10H battery available now
        • Download LG CHEM RESU 6.4 datasheet

        SMA: LG Chem RESU 10H Battery

        Enphase Battery Storage
        Enphase Envoy S

        Enphase AC Batteries

        Modular li-ion battery for residential energy:

        • Batteries packaged with micro-inverters for extremely safe AC-coupled connections
        • Uses the Enphase Envoy S Metered energy meter to operate and provide energy consumption data to your phone or computer
        • Distributed architecture allows for the addition of extra units at any time
        • Available in modular, 1.2kWh ‘blocks’, connected by standard AC wiring
        • Download Enphase AC Battery datasheet