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REC Solar - high quality solar panels made in Singapore
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REC manufactures quality solar panels made in Singapore, and is one of the leading solar panel manufacturers in the European market. With company with headquarters in Norway and operational headquarters in Singapore, REC is leading the way with the world’s most powerful multicrystalline solar power modules.

REC values sustainability and environmental care, with initiatives such as fully-recyclable solar panels, and sustainable manufacturing pricinples with an energy payback time of 1.2 years, as calculated by the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands. REC won the Best Solar Company for Sustainability Le Fonti IAIR Award in 2014 and 2015, and scored fourth out of thirty-two solar manufacturers in the SVTC solar environmental responsibility scorecard.

The latest product innovations include unique features that lead to better performance in all conditions and higher energy output:

  • Half-cut “TwinPeak” cells reduce internal resistance for higher output, efficiency, and reliability
  • Increased warm-weather production due to industry-leading temperature coefficient
  • Higher yield through improved performance in shaded conditions
  • 12-year product warranty if purchased through DNX Energy
  • Outstanding cost/performance ratio
  • Increased current flow thanks to a five bus bar design
  • Extreme reliability
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REC Partnership with DNX Energy

As an approved partner of REC, DNX Energy can offer an extended product warranty of 12 years on all REC solar panels we install. Additionally, REC also provides a standard 25 year performance warranty.

REC Solar’s TwinPeak Technology

REC’s TwinPeak panels set new standards for polysilicone solar. Thanks to this groundbreaking cell layout TwinPeak panels are more efficient, with greater output, better high temperature performance and unmatched shade tolerance.


REC Testing Process

REC’s internal module testing goes above and beyond the expected IEC standard. Modules are tested to three times the required ratings for thermal cycling, damp heat, humidity freezes, and mechanical loads.


Independent Reviews of REC Solar Panels

REC solar panels shine through in independent testing. Take a look at these findings from the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, and the solar panel certification Photon Laboratory in Germany. Also noteworthy are the results of testing undertaken by SERIS, the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore.

  • FRAUNHOFER ISE SOLAR MODULE PERFORMANCE TESTBest power output performance in a real-world setting
  • PHOTON LaboratoryYield test winner from over 40 different solar panels
  • SERISREC antireflective coating

    Current REC Solar Panels Available

    The following options are currently in stock:
    Click the icon to download each solar panel datasheet.

    1. REC Solar TwinPeak 2 290 Watt PERC with Black Framehighest efficiency panel with half-cut cells
    2. REC Solar TwinPeak 2 285 Watt PERC with Black Framehighest efficiency panel with half-cut cells
    3. REC Solar Peak Energy 270 Watt polyhigh efficiency panel
    4. REC Solar Peak Energy 265 Watt polyhigh efficiency panel